Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Can Anyone Edit This?!?

Do you know how to edit binary files in a Hex Editor?

If you came to this blog looking for the "unofficial" English translations of the Clip Studio apps you may be disappointed by the fact there are no translations for the current versions of anything in the suite - only outdated versions.  That's because all I did was adapt someone else's work translating the Windows versions to the Mac versions, plus a tiny bit of my own work editing the Mac-only interface files.

Which means I have no clue HOW the person who originally translated the Windows apps did so.  I suspect they did it the "hard way" - by which I mean they manually edited the interface language binary files in a Hex Editor of some sort.  Something that I do not know how to do and for whatever reason the original translator has never (to my knowledge) released translations for later versions.

"Clip Studio Modeler" is the program that probably has the most interest because the newer versions of the program added 3D Character creation tools.  Which is where YOU may come in IF you actually know how to manually edit binaries in a Hex Editor.  Here are the files that need editing:

Download the Clip Studio Modeler 1.0.2 Language Binaries

Though I have an auto-translation of the User Guide for the newer Clip Studio Modeler that added the Character tools I haven't been able to get very far with the program interface still being in Japanese, which is not a language I know.

If I can connect with someone who has the skills and desire to edit these language files there will be a pathway to creating translations for the CURRENT versions of the Clip Studio apps.  I hope.  I'm just *guessing* that the original translations were done by altering those files with a Hex Editor.  The person who did the existing translated files never posted about how, exactly, they did it.


Matthew Arney said...

Working on this now. will be using the actual files from the downloadable trials. more info available as i make progress.

Matthew Arney said...

BTW, those aren't language files, they're ICC colorimetry profiles and adobe imageready files. The necessary information should be in the binary. I'll be downloading and checking the files later today to be sure. (started with rokkaku daioh first for personal reasons).

OffWorld Girl said...

THANK YOU FOR TACKLING THIS! The original translation download has you replace the files in the "other" folder for each app to convert it to English. Unless the newer versions now put something else in the "other" folder? Which would explain why those files no longer work. I really only know web coding so trying to figure out how to edit the language files is beyond me, as is the actual translation work since I only know English.

OffWorld Girl said...

FYI, the folks over at the Paint Tool SAI forums have continued to tackle translation of the CLIP STUDIO apps. It's apparently not easy to do. You need to use a hex editor. They're using some kind of L10n parser (I think it's called VADEUX) which is allegedly the only one that can parse the language files. I can't personally make head nor tail of what I'm looking at in the files. Someone over at those forums has written a quick post explaining how they're going about it: