Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Star Wars Cosplay: Jedi Pouches

The Jedi Pouches seen in the prequels aren't really pouches at all. They were cast resin props painted to look like hand-tooled leather. There are numerous sources online offering DIY kits for those pouches, both as solid blocks or modified so you can actually put small items inside them. I wanted functional pouches, and since one of my goals was to make the costume on the cheap (and quickly) I didn't have time or money for replica prop pouches. There ARE actually a couple leather pouches seen on Jedi belts, and at least one source online I know of that sells leather reproductions of them.

I had purchased far more vinyl than I thought I actually needed for my Jedi Utility Belt - just in case I made a mistake I wanted enough extra fabric to start over. Since the belt (mostly) went as planned I have more than enough vinyl to make some pouches too. However, trying to find a pattern online for pouches was a problem. I found a couple different patterns for the "Ammo Pouches" on Boba Fett's bandoliers, figuring maybe I could just modify them, but I wasn't happy with the way that looked. Then I found a PDF file tutorial on making leather utility belt pouches - which only references patterns in a book, but doesn't provide them. I also wasn't quite sure how big they were supposed to be, but I did know they were different sizes. Using the sizes listed on the aforementioned web site selling reproductions I got to work drafting my own patterns.

Unfortunately that was as much as I got done before the convention. I didn't have time to actually MAKE the darned things, and ended up borrowing a Russian-surplus pouch for a field gun cleaning kit from my brother just so I could have something pouchy on my belt. Now that the convention is over I plan to get the pouches done at my leisure - and hopefully before I need them for the NEXT convention!

UPDATE: after the convention I did actually make a full set of these pouches, but they looked wrong being the same color and grain as the utility belt.  So I tried to make them look like a richer leather and a bit distressed by spray painting them with a sort of reddish brown and wiping them while it was still wet.  The effect was pretty good - the problem was the paint NEVER seemed to dry.  The pouches remained sticky to the touch.  I reluctantly had to throw them out and now don't have enough of the vinyl left to make another set.  So, for now, I'll be sticking with the surplus pouches.


Here is a PDF file of the patterns I drafted for the pouches. Just print it, cut out the pieces, trace them onto the back-side of your vinyl with a pencil and you'll have what you need. If you can swing it, these should probably be made of slightly darker color than the Utility Belt (or painted with vinyl paint). I'd also recommend faux aging them by roughing them up with sandpaper and/or a file and I've had some luck with brushing India Ink on the bottom edges and wiping it - it makes that dull, dark "leather that got wet" look.

Jedi Costume
Utility Belt
Lightsaber Prop

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