Tuesday, November 10, 2015

home.comcast.net site is gone

offworldgirl.home.comcast.net and home.comcast.net/~offworldgirl are now DEAD.

This site was originally set up for the RSS blog feed into the static website hosted with Comcast's "Personal Web Pages."  As of 1 November 2015, however, Comcast has DELETED all the personal web pages sites and discontinued that website hosting service.

So I am gradually migrating the content worth keeping over to this blog site (and hopefully Google won't suddenly decide to shut down Blogger and force me to move it all somewhere again).

As for what is "worth keeping?"  Well, over the years I've received quite a few e-mails related to the Star Trek and Star Wars costume and prop content, as well as my in-universe Star Trek history articles about the Constellation Class starships and Section 31 (but those are going to take a while to bring over here).  Files that used to be hosted at the Comcast site are being moved to Google Drive.

Stay tuned...


Tay said...

Hi I would love to see your post about Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan uniform.

OffWorld Girl said...

@Tay, stay tuned, I'm gradually getting the content from the old site reposted over here. Comcast deleting the old site caught me off guard.

OffWorld Girl said...

FYI, I have decided I will not be re-posting ANY of the "Star Trek" content (costume and prop info or fan-fiction) from the old website because of the strict fan-film guidelines released by CBS/Paramount, which (so far as I can tell) probably also apply - or could be applied - to other fan creations. These draconian rules are no way to treat the fandom of their franchise, but it's a great way to alienate us from giving a damn about it anymore.