Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Star Trek Cosplay: Nexus Vest

Note: This post originally appeared on my Comcast Personal Web Page, but they've discontinued and deleted all of those sites so I'm moving most of the content here.

The "Nexus" vest was only ever seen on Kirk when he was in the Nexus during "Star Trek Generations." It was not seen with the belt worn over it, nor were rank pins or pips & squeaks worn on it. Some liberties were taken there so the pins and belt could be used and so there would be somewhere to put the field gear. I had originally intended to make a tricorder that was actually a purse but didn't have time so I just made an actual purse "Starfleet Field Gear" by putting the emblem on it. It was large enough to double as my camera bag.

Above is a photo of the completed Nexus Vest, Tunic, and Belt with empty phaser and communicator holsters.

Detailed image of the Starfleet Badge, Pips & Squeaks. The badge was just plated so it was painted the correct colors from the movies. Pips & Squeaks were silver (Enlisted) and were painted gold (Commissioned) and one of the "five year" round pins was changed to a "ten year" by using the Dremel Rotary Tool to carve a Starfleet Delta in the surface.

My "Starfleet Equipment Bag" - it was a cheap "messenger bag" style purse from Target and I hand-painted the Starfleet Command insignia on it.

Finished belt with my phaser and communicator holsters. I'm well aware that in the movies they didn't have holsters, but I didn't want to attach things to the belt with Velcro, so I designed and sewed the holsters shown here. The badge on the side of the phaser holster is a small badge from Roddenberry.com that not only dresses it up, but doubles as a way to keep the holster strap in place (which is what holds the phaser in the holster). The communicator prop has a thin, black elastic band sewn in at the top of the notch to help it "hug" the communictor. Initially the purpose of the notch was simply to not cover up so much of the communicator because I wanted to show it off. Both holsters are made out of a heavy upholstery-grade leather-grain vinyl that was flocked on the back. The belt was made out of a much thinner vinyl with a "waistband" stiffener material used to help it keep its shape. The buckle was purchased from Roddenberry.com and is fully functional, not just for looks.

 Assault Phaser

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