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Clip Studio Launcher (LEGACY Version)

This post is specifically about the Clip Studio Assets/Launcher "Legacy" app.  It is the version of the Launcher used with the pre-1.5 versions of the Japanese Clip Studio Suite apps.  There is no english-language version.  Version 1.1.7 is the final release of the Legacy Launcher.  You can't download and install the Launcher by itself, but you can get it by downloading and installing the Legacy version of ACTION, which also includes the last version of COORDINATE that is compatible with the legacy apps.

For details on the current version of the Launcher see my other posts about the the Japanese 1.6.x Launcher or the English 1.6.x Launcher.  If you never installed any of the Clip Studio Suite apps prior to version 1.5 then this post isn't for you.  If you DO have the older versions of the apps installed (and you can have them installed alongside the newer ones and other language installations) then let's dig in!

NOTE: The following screenshots are of the Japanese app with the Unofficial English Translations applied to the user interface.  However, any content which is loaded from the Celsys servers is still shown in Japanese.


Clip Studio Legacy Launcher 1.1.7 "Start" Screen

This older version has a much simpler Star Screen than the newer ones.  As you can see it is still pulling data from the Celsys servers, at least for now.

Whenever you are uploading/downloading anything from the Celsys Assets site the double-arrow icon in the toolbar will show how many transfer jobs are in process.  The Legacy version is not compatible with the Celsys Cloud.  Also note that you cannot direct it to store Materials in a different location than the default one, so there is no way to share one set of them between the Japanese and other language Legacy installations.  Note that this is not the number of files being uploaded or downloaded, but the number of connections. If you want to see what's going on in detail, click the double-arrow icon and this Communication Management window will pop up, where you also have some control over those individual connections:

When uploads/downloads are in progress you will see a progress bar for each active connection.


There’s an entire sub-section called “Work List” in this Clip Studio app that lets you pick documents to open in the various apps in the suite: 

Clip Studio Legacy Launcher 1.1.7 "Work" Section

There are some default "folders" for All Works, Work (including PAINT docs), and that last one that missed getting translated says "The Works" which shows documents excluding PAINT docs.  You can organize your work any way you like, including creating new folders by either right+clicking in the middle column and selecting "New" or pressing the "New" button at the top of the middle column.

You can click the "Delete" button to get rid of Folders you create, but not the default ones.  You can also drag to reorder the Folders or drag and drop them into other Folders to create whatever kind of hierarchy you like.

Unlike the newer version of Launcher, the Work section neither backs things up to the Cloud nor does it have a right+click context menu with other actions for the items.  The only thing you can do in the Legacy version is click the Work file to open it in its respective app in the suite. 

NOTE: If you select a Work item and intend to open it in PAINT be aware that it will open in the Japanese version of PAINT.  Also be aware that the latest version of PAINT will likely be set as the default for opening .lip files when double-clicking them in your operating system's file manager unless you change the default opener for those file types.  

This can get confusing if you have multiple installations!  For example, on my computer if have the Legacy Japanese Paint 1.3.2, Legacy English Paint 1.4.4, Japanese PAINT 1.6.4, and English PAINT 1.6.2 installed on my machine.  It wanted to open all .lip/.clip files in the Japanese 1.6.4 because it was the latest version and the last one I installed/updated.

You can always override this behavior by right+clicking on the file and telling it which specific version to use when opening the file.  But simply double-clicking may open it in an unintended installation.


In the left-hand column there is an option to search for materials.  This is the same as the "Assets" section in the non-Japanese versions of the Launcher app.

Clip Studio Legacy Launcher 1.1.7 "Material Search" Screen

In this version, services requiring login are not available.
Sorry to trouble you but update it.

How to update to the latest version

What that means is that you can no longer download assets from the "Clip Site" with the Launcher to the installed "Legacy" apps. If you really NEED an asset in the legacy apps you could download it with the newer Launcher, find the folder, and manually copy it to the legacy apps. That, of course, assumes it's compatible with the legacy apps (for example an older asset that has not been updated). If it's in the format for 1.5 or later, though, it most likely won't work even if you manually install it by copying it.

Note that the "Plug-In List" link on the Start Screen takes you to the same message.  Apparently the plugins now available on the Celsys Assets site are only compatible with the newer versions of the apps.


In the Legacy version of Launcher you get to your installed Materials List with the first button under "Material" in the left-hand column:

Clip Studio Legacy Launcher 1.1.7 "Material List" section

You may notice that the actual Materials are the same as my screencap of the 1.6.x version, including the "Grunk's World" Collection I created with the newer Launcher.

This is because when you install the 1.6.x versions it will automatically connect your new installation to the Materials location of the existing Legacy apps.  So the Japanese 1.6.x are sharing the same Materials as the Japanese Legacy apps, and the English 1.6.x apps are sharing Materials with the English Legacy apps.

The 1.6.x Launcher allows you to point to a different Materials location.  What I did was point my English 1.6.x Launcher to the same location as the 1.6.x Japanese Materials, which is also the location of the Japanese Legacy app's Materials.  That also redirected my English Legacy apps to use that location.  So now I have all my installations using the same set of Materials!

Which is why you have to be careful about using the options under the Gear drop-down menu:

I'd recommend that you only Rebuild or Initialize things from the 1.6.x Launcher or you're just begging to corrupt your database.   As it is you'll probably still have to at least go through some "Organize Materials" operations when you open apps in different language installations or between "legacy" and current.  Especially if you're sharing materials across all of them like I am.

While "Material Information" details, etc., are also still available in the Legacy Launcher, I strongly recommend that you edit that information with the current Launcher, especially if you plan to upload and share the Materials on the Assets site.  See my other post on Launcher 1.6.x (Japanese Version), "Material Information" section.

The "Help" Menu under the question mark is less-extensive in the Legacy Launcher than the current version:


Launcher has a bunch of sections that are really just information.  Be aware, however, that in the Legacy Launcher clicking on the right-hand side of the app names in the left-hand column will not take you to the information screens.  These are buttons that launch the apps:

In the Legacy Launcher the only way to get to the App Info Screens is from the Start Screen:

Blocks that take you to App Info Screens (outlined in red)

Ok, lets take a quick look at one of those App Info Screens (they're all pretty similar):

You'll notice some of the blocks are still in Japanese.  These are the updated data pulled from the Celsys servers in Japan.  They are usually about app updates, but sometimes are also about events or sales.  You can safely just ignore them.

That's pretty much it for the Legacy Launcher.  In fact there's really not much reason to bother opening it at all since you can launch the individual apps from your operating system, it can no longer search, download, or upload Materials from the Assets site, and it's safer to manage your installed Materials with the newer Launcher.

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