Friday, December 14, 2007

R2-D2 "Astrocake Droid"

I baked and decorated an Artoo-Deetoo cake for my boyfriend's birthday :) This was an interesting experience since I've never really "decorated" a cake per se before. I mean, sure, I can bake one from a box and smear frosting all over it (who can't?), but doing artwork in the medium of cake and frosting? That's a different matter.

So I got these tubes of decorating frosting in black and blue with these plastic tips for making different shapes - but I really only needed the one that lets you draw lines. Working from a line drawing I'd made of Artoo I set about decorating. Took about an hour or so to carve the marble sheet cake into a vaguely Astromech silhouette and get it frosted. The final touch was to put some cherry Twizzlers on his feet for wiring.

Ok, so maybe I don't have a future as a pastry chef, but it was kind of a fun little "art project" and the best part was that I got to help EAT IT afterwards!