Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Clip Studio 1.6.x Assets App (English Version)

The release of the English language 1.6.2 version of Clip Studio Paint FINALLY added a built-in method for those of us outside of Japan to download some of those over 10,000 assets they have on the Japanese “Clip Site.”  It also meant some changes to the user interface, chief of which is the entirely separate "Clip Studio" asset download app, which is what I’ll go over in this post.

NOTE: The actual name of this app is simply "Clip Studio" but I usually refer to it as the "Launcher" or CSL (Clip Studio Launcher) because in the Japanese version it is a front-end for running the entire suite.  Also because CSL won't cause any confusion with another app in the suite, CSA (Clip Studio Action).

Getting Started

This is new for us Westerners, but will look familiar to anyone who has been using the unofficial language hack versions of the suite.  Unfortunately we’re getting a feature-limited version of it.  Here’s what you see when you fire it up:

Clip Studio Launcher 1.6.3 Start Screen