Saturday, March 1, 2008

MarsCon 2008 DAY 2

It's not even noon yet, but I can't complain. Woke up with no hangover from last night - and after I'd been warned about the WDF's "Green Death" mixed drink (whatever it is).

It occurred to me this morning that I never actually picked up one of the program booklets, and so had no idea what panels there were this morning - though I'm not a huge fan of panels anyway. I'm inclined to think my time was better spent taking my time getting ready this morning and enjoying hot waffles with strawberry, blueberry, and maple syrup topping, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a fresh, piping hot cup of coffee - which will work for "Brownian Motion" as a power source for your Infinite Improbability Drive in a pinch.

Right now I'm back in Ops at the "Martian Militia" table. I can at least get on the Internet in here (unlike in the room - despite Holiday Inn claims to the contrary regarding "free wireless internet anywhere in the hotel"). There will probably be a couple last-minute additions to the "Anime Smackdown" panel that will require an update to the visual presentation - but that panel isn't until this afternoon so there *should* be time to change it. That is if I actually find out which characters are being added!

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