Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lazarus Pit

Hmm. Not sure what to say about the Doctor Who episode titled "The Lazarus Experiment." I know during the Christmas concert special David Tennant made a reference to "Dr. Lazarus" and his experiment, but of course the episode hadn't aired yet so nobody knew what he was talking about.

This episode left me kind of flat. It is clearly setting up something with the whole "this information comes from Harold Saxon himself" regarding who the Doctor really is - and it's pretty bloody obvious that Torchwood is involved. Okay, for a low budget BBC show the monster wasn't half bad, if you (as you usually have to) discount the whole issue of the creature's MASS - especially when bundling itself into a human size body again.

But I'm growing a bit tired of these sorts of episodes - with the whole "Oh let's visit the family of the Doctor's companion" and going back to Earth YET AGAIN, and of course we only get to see Cardiff (though sometimes it stands in for London), but I remember when the Doctor actually WENT places. Yes, most of those planets looked curiously like a quarry, but if you think about it most planets probably DO. At any rate, it feels like a bit of a "filler" or "set-up" episode, where RTD was really thinking about some other story down the line. Well, maybe he should consider just skipping over these lame scripts and go for the GOOD story?

My verdict? I hope the "Lazarus Experiment" isn't resurrected anytime soon.

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