Monday, March 12, 2007

Blue Mars

Well I didn’t get to MarsCon in Bloomington, MN, then again it turns out a lot of people didn’t get to it thanks to the blizzard (though the snow wasn’t the reason I couldn’t go). I was a bit bummed out about it until I talked with two of my friends who did go. They both said it was obvious there weren’t as many people there as in past years - apparently MarCon attracts more outstate and out-of-state attendees than I thought - and that it was pretty slow/dead/laid-back. There were some thoughts that if MarsCon continues to lose attendance it will first turn into a “RelaxaCon” and then just disappear (though it could rebound next year - it’s the 10th Anniversary). Which is a shame because it’s a nice break from the Winter blahs and they do tend to get decent guests - but I have little doubt the Minnesota winter weather hurts it, just more-so than usual this year.

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