Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Get Your Trek Fix!

Ok, so maybe not everyone can watch the DS9/TNG/Voyager re-runs on SpikeTV or catch the Enterprise re-runs on Sci-Fi Channel. Maybe not everyone can wait for the next Trek movie or DVD box set release. Well, if you’ve got a broadband connection you’re in luck! Just because Paramount doesn’t think we need any new Trek series doesn’t mean fans had to accept that line of reasoning (since it was “highly illogical, Captain”). It has come to my attention there are some Star Trek fans out there who have heard of all the buzz regarding Star Wars fan films, but were unaware of the fan films (and ongoing SERIES) set in the Trek Universe. So, regarding this blog post as a public service, here is a list of the ones I know of (these are the “serious” ones, not parodies):

USS Justice “Tales of the Seventh Fleet”

Live action with keyed CGI sets and locations. I haven’t actually watched any of these yet, but the uniforms indicate it is set in the “Wrath of Khan” era or later.

Starship Exeter
Live action shot on sets and locations. I think this one really captures the look and feel of TOS. Only one completed episode so far, though.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers

Live action with keyed CGI sets and locations. Set in the ST:TNG/DS9/Voyager Era. There are SEVEN SEASONS of episodes to keep you busy for a while. They've finally decided to wrap up the series as well, so you might want to go watch them while they still have a web site!

Star Trek: New Voyages

Shot on sets and locations. Not just set in the TOS era, it is intended to be the “next season” of TOS - with fan actors playing Kirk, Spock, et al. Personally I think “Exeter” is doing a much better job because “New Voyages” tries to cram too much into the episodes, detracting from the story.

Starship Farragut

Shot on sets and locations. TOS Era. They’ve only got 2 episodes done, which I haven’t watched yet.

Star Trek: Dark Armada

live action with keyed CGI sets and locations. Set around 2380 (TNG Movies/DS9/Voyager Era), I’ve only seen the trailer.

Star Trek: Horizon

live action with keyed CGI sets and locations. Another one set around 2380 (TNG Movies/DS9/Voyager Era). They’re doing a mini-series of 45 minute episodes they hope to have done sometime this year.

Star Trek: Excalibur

Set in the TOS era it is live action shot on sets and locations, or at least it will be. These poor folks apparently had a landlord who destroyed their sets and now they’re in a legal battle over it. Now you know why so many fan films use chroma-key and CGI sets!

Star Trek: The Legacy

live action shot on sets and locations. TOS & TNG Eras. You may have seen Denise Crosby visit them in “Trekkies 2?

Star Trek Aurora

computer animated film about merchant ships. Set in 2270 (between TOS & TMP)

Borg War

Machinima animated (view it @ http://www.machinima.com/films.php?series=Borg%20War ). I haven’t watched all of it yet. I’m not a big fan of “machinima” animation.

USS Intrepid

live action with keyed CGI sets and locations. TNG Movies/DS9/Voyager Era. I’ve only watched their trailer so far.

Star Trek Pioneers

TNG Movies/DS9/Voyager Era (circa 2380). Audio Drama

Star Trek: Section 31

TNG Movies/DS9/Voyager Era (circa 2380). Audio Drama

Star Trek Unity

Still in production, but based on their teaser trailer I think it’s set between ENT & TOS
Their site indicates they’re planning Audio and Video episodes.

And if you like “Star Trek: The Animated Series” you might also enjoy:http://startrekanimated.com/tas_comic_main.html

Okay, so it’s not particularly animated (it’s a web comic), but hey! It’s MORE Trek, right?

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